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- FocusQA partners with Floating World Web Development for their testing Services.

- FocusQA makes waves in mobile application testing domain.

- FocusQA partners with Piriform for their testing services.


Client Feeds -


"We wanted a Testing Specialist Partner to really break our system for unidentified defects. focusQA was the perfect choice".

- CTO, a Finance Software Product Company


"Introducing focusQA into our Project really made our life easier, as they took complete responsibility of the Application Quality, while we concentrated on our forte, i.e. development"

- CEO,a Healthcare Distributing Company

focusQA is a Software Testing Services Company.


We are a unique company in a way that all our activities are focused entirely on the Testing domain services. This unique business strategy which resonates with our company title, provides our client with complete satisfaction and confidence about the final quality of their software after it has undergone our rigorous testing processes.


We offer "End to End" Testing Services to our clients, right from Test Planning activities to Test Execution and Defect Reporting. Our in-house team includes specialists in the area of Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance and Security Testing activities, along with Test Automation. >> More on our services


We are actively involved with client companies from various industries such as Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Technology, which present unique challenges which we have been successful at satisfying on all occasions.>>More on our experience