focusQA services can be broadly divided into -

  1. Enterprise Application Testing
  2. Hardware Testing

We have the technical and infrastructure capabilities in both the above mentioned areas



Our Comprehensive Services Include:


√ Test Planning, Test Scenario     development

√ Complete Functionality Testing

√ Configuration/Compatibility Testing

√ Installation and Interoperatibility

√ Localization Testing

√ Test Automation - Open Source,     Proprietary

√ Games Testing - UI, Gameplay,AI,etc

√ Hardware Testing - Across different     Interfaces, Connections, OS platforms,etc


focusQA is a "Core Testing" services Specialist.


Our services are executed following our global delivery model and are attuned precisely to making absolutely sure that your required business outcome meets time, cost and quality targets.


Our services cover the entire Quality Testing sphere, right from the time when the first software module is developed - Module Testing, to Integrating different modules - Interface Testing upto Complete System Testing when the Software is fully integrated which clearly indicates that our contribution starts as early as the Software Designing Phase.


Our Testing team consists of a mix of senior and medium level Quality testing professionals who are all computer science graduates and many of them have International Quality Testing Certifications. They have to undergo several rounds of examinations, before they become part of our team. Such rigorous induction processes ensure that we have the finest testing brains working on your projects.