"We wanted a QA partner, who would understand our Quality requirements and intelligently work with the development team to systematically execute and excavate bugs in our new POS and ERP systems. We are happy to have chosen focusQA as our preferred QA partner."


-CTO, Online Healthcare Distribution House

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The client is a fast growing online Distributor of health products in the Europe and the United States.


The Challenge:

The owners of the company had approached us with a very complicated request -- they wanted to validate their family of web sites which was being migrated from their old, static e-commerce provider to a new, highly customizable software package that would allow them to more efficiently manage their web sites, process and fulfill their orders using scanning technology, and monitor their inventory.

focusQA Solution:
This was by far the most complex project request we have received. We needed to work closely with the client and the development team to thoroughly validate all the 9 different POS systems, many of them in different languages and currencies, complete with fresh graphic design that is unique to each storefront. We also needed to test a new ERP system that would serve as a single interface to manage all product catalogs, inventory, reporting, order processing and shipping for all orders coming from the various store front web sites. Using our Risk based Testing Approach as the foundation for our testing activities, we developed a Detail Test Plan to meet all the functional and other requirements set out by the client. We meticulously tested each module of the software every step of the way, careful not to disrupt the steady steam of orders that come in everyday for the company.

The Result:
With each store front that moved over to the new software package being tested vigorously, the end result was a bug free system. The top quality of the application resulted in our client to receive a significant increase in traffic and orders, which escalated their overall business. In addition, the company saw a huge increase in productivity, cutting the time to process orders by 50% due to zero-defects in the system.