"The Pilot Program really helped us analyze the capabilities of the focusQA team. They have good Knowledge acquisition tools and systems and overall an efficient team to have worked with."


- Owner,MMORPG Production House

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The client is a renowned co-producer of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG).


The Challenge:

Since this was our first big project in the Games Testing Arena, the client was initial skeptical about our capabilities to undertake and successful execute this project. Another challenge was the Time factor, since in the Gaming world, the Release of a Game is the most critical part of business. Its done with huge marketing campaigns and planned months before,which meant we had to work efficiently and smartly to meet the deadlines.


focusQA Solution:

Firstly to prove our skillset in Games testing, we suggested the client to first start with a pilot program which would last for a week and involved major testing activities such as testing the Gameplay,its Menus,Excitement Level,Complexity levels and basic AI. Post review, we shared our Project plan with the clients,procured all the specific Hardware requirements and initiated the execution cycle. We used UML diagrams to track down all the possible control flows in the game to ensure that all were functioning without defects.


The Result:
The Pilot Program acted as a Confidence Builder, enabling our client to securely assign us with the actual Game Testing activities. The outcome was a bug free Game which when hit the market become an instant hit with all game lovers.