"There were two contractors for this project. One based close to our EU office and other was focusQA. However throughout the project we never felt that we were working with two separate entities. focusQA put in immense efforts on minimizing the demographic hindrances from affecting the overall project quality and deadlines. Kudos to the entire team."

- PM, Print division of a Global leading company

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A Global leader in technology market, including the Digital and Print media.


The Challenge:

focusQA was a sub-contractor party for this project. We had to work with a european testing company who was mainly responsible for all the direct client communication having advantage in terms of physical location and overall industry experience, while focusQA contributed in the entire execution and reporting of the project. The specific challenges involved entire "Embedded Integration testing" and "System Integration testing" activities for prototype industrial printers/plotters. Testing activities encompassed the usage of different operating systems including Linux,Windows and Macintosh along with different Protocols and Connections between the Printer and the End user. Installation testing, Localization testing, Reliability testing, Compatibility testing,Reliability testing are some of the unique activities involved in this project.


focusQA Solution:

This project involved large execution cycles and required high consistency by the entire testing team. To ensure that all the teams worked as a single team, we needed to adopt all the essential work-flows,reporting systems,unique project requirements,etc from our EU partner. Our management and technical team together came up with a two phase plan to execute this project. Phase I - involved extensive training and knowledge transfer by our EU partner for which we sent a five member team to EU. While Phase II - involved actual execution and bug reporting cycles.


The Result:

The entire project was executed successfully and on time. The efficient communication channels between the european team and our team enabled us to work as a single team from the clients end, hence eliminating the geographical hindrances.