"focusQA has a flexible "On-site - Off-site" model which really helped us reduce the overall testing effort by about 15% and eventually enabled us to release the product early in the market. A pleasure to have worked with such a talented testing team."


- Director - Quality,Mobile phone vendor

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A leading Global Mobile Phone Vendor


The Challenge:

This project was part of a sub-contract system and hence had unique challenges in the overall communication channels. Along with that, the project required specific skillset in the field of Mobile device testing along with Localization testing for the new prototype mobile devices, which required a team with unique expertise in the field of Localization. focusQA took up this challenge and came up with a customized solution.


focusQA Solution:

The challenges in the project were two fold, one specific to the project communication and knowledge acquisition and second towards the unique requirement of Localization testing. To tackle the first challenge, focusQA exploited the On-site - Off-Site model to execute the entire project. We had the team lead, sit at the clients end to understand the requirements in detail and he would in turn pass on the details to our team situated in our test lab. This way we ensured a full-proof dialogue. The second challenge was eliminated by hiring testers with expertise in different regional languages of India.


The Result:

We were able to reduce the overall testing effort by about 15% by adopting the "On-Site - Off-Site" model. This help the client to release the product early in the market, hence directly affecting the project cost and reducing the overall time to market.