"This was the first time we worked with a Independent Testing Company. focusQA's team was patient enough to explain and clarify our queries and systematically detailed the entire Project plan to us. It made a striking difference in our overall Product Quality apart from the reduce investment in terms of Time and Cost"

-President, Hospitality Product Company




Fast Facts:


-> focusQA is a 2006 startup company,     satisfying on the need to have a     BugFree Software


-> focusQA boosts of a mix team of     senior and junior testing     professionals, with International     Testing Certifications.


-> focusQA has top-class infrastructure     and communication channels with     typical security mechanisms in place


-> focusQA has a stringent recruitment     program, ensuring that only the best     heads work on your projects.





focusQA is a India based, "End to End" Testing Service Provider Specialist Company, committed to provide world-class testing services and solutions to our clients.


FocusQA was born out of an idea of separating out all testing processes within the group units of 01 Synergy. Over a period of time the unit became an independent division that has more than 80% of its work from independent customer accounts rather than the parent company.

Our business philosophy is to ensure that we give our complete attention and commitment to each client. Hence we strongly believe in having set number of Satisfied clients who are happy to give us repeat business, rather than having large number of unsatisfied clients.

We at focusQA, believe that QUALITY is the most crucial aspect to make any software, successful in today's competitive world market. In order to help our clients achieve the highest level of software quality, we work very closely with our clients to understand their quality needs and accordingly undertake rigorous testing processes to eradicate defects and improve the software quality to be the best.

We work together with both your business and technical teams to ensure we deliver high quality solutions to meet the needs of your business. This leaves you in control and able to build competence and knowledge within your own teams. The closeness we develop in our working relationship with you results in reduced risk and increased efficiencies in the projects we support.

At focusQA, we believe that a global delivery approach must be managed by a local relationship founded on trust and accountability. We recognize that our clients want support that is sensitive to their priorities, focused on their business needs and always responsive to the constant change they experience.

Protecting your Intellectual Property is one of our top priorities and have taken all the necessary steps to ensure its protection.